Motorcycle Motocross X-Grip Frame Guard for KTM & Husqvarna

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FMF replacement parts

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Enhance your motocross experience with our durable frame guard. Designed to shield your bike’s frame from excessive wear, this guard integrates seamlessly with your vehicle, providing both protection and a touch of style. The vibrant color options add a personalized flair to your ride, ensuring it stands out on the track.

Key Features:

Durable construction that shields against wear
Injected rubber for improved grip and bike control
Easy installation with fasteners and zip ties
Aesthetic enhancement with bright color options
Looking to maintain your bike’s pristine condition? Our frame guard is the solution. It’s crafted for those who demand both function and form, offering a protective shell that not only preserves your bike’s frame but also elevates its appearance.


Get ready to hit the trails with confidence. Our motocross frame guard is the perfect companion for your off-road adventures, ensuring your bike remains in top condition no matter the terrain. With a focus on quality and compatibility, our product is the go-to choice for riders who value performance and style. Whether you’re tackling rugged paths or showcasing your bike at events, our frame guard is your ally in keeping your motorcycle looking and performing its best.

Seeking assistance or a specific model? Contact our expert team, and we’ll source the ideal frame guard for your motorcycle. Your satisfaction is our priority.


Motocross X-Grip Frame Guard Protection Cover For KTM SX SXF EXC EXC-F 125 150 250 300 350 450 500 For Husqvarna FC FE TC TE TX

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